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Out-Of-Court Resolution: DR in the Corona Virus Environment and Beyond

Date: 27/03/2020 Type: Articles Webinars Topic: Finances | Children | ADR |
Author: Suzanne Kingston - Mills & Reeve

We are adapting to a whole new normal – There’s been an overnight shift to remote working for almost the entire population and the court system which has remained unchanged for decades is creaking and in many instances no longer available. This is therefore a time for alternatives to court to come into their own. We are lucky that over the years we have developed a whole range of DR. All of the forms of DR can be undertaken virtually – whether by Skype/zoom/loop up and many accredited practitioners are waiting to help.

Coronavirus in the Family Law arena

Date: 23/03/2020 Type: Articles Topic: International |
Author: Lina Khanom - IFLG

The Coronavirus pandemic has no doubt created fear around the world. With school closures, travel bans and the lockdown of many cities around the world, many of us are left wondering where the safest place for us is to ride out the coming months. Whilst it is completely understandable to want to protect ourselves, our families and our children, if looking for a safe haven results in you removing your children from their country of residence, without the consent of the other parent, you could find yourself facing civil and criminal repercussions.

More Skype hearings prompted by the Coronavirus outbreak

Date: 09/03/2020 Type: Articles Topic: International |
Author: David Hodson OBE MICArb

Reports in some media and newspapers today, Sunday 8th March 2020, indicate that HM Courts & Tribunals Service is moving ahead with coronavirus containment plans to have more Skype type video-conferencing court hearings, particularly and initially in criminal cases, to reduce the need for use of public transport and public gathering. The family law profession will follow developments closely as it can only be a short step to the same measures in the Family Court.

HNW Divorce Magazine - Issue 1 - Valentines Special

Date: 19/02/2020 Type: Community Magazine Topic: Finances | Children | Offshore | International | Client Perspective | ADR | Modern Family | Enforcement |
Author: ThoughtLeaders4 HNW Divorce

We are delighted to bring you our inaugural Valentines edition of the HNW Divorce Magazine, where you will get the latest insights from all professionals whose practice encompasses or touches upon the HNW Divorce community.

Read Here!

Potential Psychology and Emotional Challenges in HNW and UHNW Divorce

Date: 19/02/2020 Type: Articles Topic: Client Perspective | Modern Family |
Author: Ahi Wheeler - Harley Street Therapy

While we are all aware of the highly complex legal, financial, commercial and international issues raised by HNW divorces, how much do we know about the personalities that have evolved within this section of society? What might we encounter of the psychology and emotional aspects of the parties involved? HNW and UHNW individuals face and develop a set of challenges within life that might be unfamiliar to those who do not inhabit that world of affluence. The very nature of their circumstances allows them to distance and detach themselves from the everyday concerns that occupy most of the planet, the need to survive financial demands on daily basis, to make ends meet. Consequently there is often little awareness, sympathy or empathy for the human and existential struggles that they, like every other human on the planet, have to face.

Will Marriage Story spark a debate about Family Justice?

Date: 19/02/2020 Type: Articles Topic: Modern Family |
Author: Samantha Woodam - The Divorce Surgery

The Oscar winning Marriage Story, released on Netflix, is a compellingly accurate, often painful to watch, account of the fallout when a marriage ends, and the damaging impact adversarial litigation can have. As family lawyers, we are all used to scoffing at TV dramas bearing little resemblance to the reality (“did you see? They used completely the wrong court forms!?  And just IMAGINE speaking to your clients like that!”), but Marriage Story really is something different.

HNW foreign divorces with a Jersey connection

Date: 18/02/2020 Type: Articles Topic: Offshore | International |
Author: Lauren Glynn & Victoria Cure - Carey Olsen

This article briefly discusses two cross-jurisdictional issues arising in foreign  HNW divorces on which we are regularly instructed to advise from a Jersey law perspective.Given Jersey's status as a leading and highly regulated, offshore financial services centre, we frequently encounter HNW and UHNW divorces featuring Jersey trust structures. In almost all cases, Jersey trusts are administered by professional trustees regulated under our Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 by the Jersey Financial Service Commission and further subject to the supervision of the Royal Court of Jersey. When beneficiaries of a Jersey trust become involved in foreign divorce proceedings, it is helpful for them to understand that the trustee(s) have a number of important decisions to make...

Matrimonial Proceedings - Insolvency Considerations

Date: 17/02/2020 Type: Articles Topic: Finances | International |
Author: Chris Pocock QC, 1KBW & Kristina Kicks, KPMG

Insolvency proceedings are a potential option for clients to consider in situations where there are unpaid debts, judgments and orders and/or concerns over the dissipation of assets.

It is recognised that insolvency can seem a nuclear option for enforcement but insolvency proceedings can be an effective strategy to maximise recoveries where a client has an outstanding award.

How to enforce a prenuptial agreement

Date: 16/02/2020 Type: Articles Topic: Finances | Modern Family |
Author: Jane Keir - Kingsley Napley

It is almost ten years since the landmark decision of the Supreme Court in Radmacher v Granatino [2010] UKSC 42 changed the law on prenuptial agreements, giving their enforceability a huge boost when holding that the parties would be held to their bargain in the event of a divorce where the agreement ‘’was freely entered into by each party with a full appreciation of its implications, unless in the circumstances prevailing it would not be fair to hold the parties to their agreement’’.

The Coronavirus and Family Law

Date: 13/02/2020 Type: Articles Topic: International |
Author: David Hodson OBE MICArb

The World Health Authority is on the verge of declaring the coronavirus a pandemic, a disease found significantly on more than one continent and being spread frequently between people.  How should family lawyers take this into account in the work they are undertaking for their clients, particularly international clients or those with assets abroad?  This summary note is intended for England and Wales but has relevance for all family lawyers around the world.

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