TL4 x Dentons Global Advisors - Sovereign Asset Tracing: How to Find Friendly Assets in Friendly Places

In-Person | Tuesday 23rd April

5:30pm - 9:00pm at Denton's Offices

Evening Panel Followed by Drinks 

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Join TL4 x DGA for an evening, hosted by Dentons Global Advisors, discussing Sovereign Asset Tracing and how to find friendly assets in friendly places, aimed at senior practitioners.

Obtaining a judgment against a sovereign state is only half the battle.  As the enforcement of judgements becomes increasingly multijurisdictional there are multiple obstacles to overcome in order to identify friendly assets in enforcement friendly jurisdictions. 

Our panel will explore:

  • What are friendly assets anyway?
  • Are assets in enforcement-friendly jurisdictions really so friendly?
  • What to do when the state becomes a frenemy.
  • Sovereign immunity and the (obvious obstacles).
  • What to do when the sovereign lacks accountability or claims (allegedly or not) existing financial distress.

This event is aimed at senior level practitioners.


Meet Your Panelists

Jessica Thorpe
Jessica Thorpe Director, Business Intelligence
Dentons Global Advisors
Dan Bodle
Dan Bodle Partner
Alistair Croft
Alistair Croft Senior Investment Manager
Omni Bridgeway
Ciara Fitzgerald
Ciara Fitzgerald Partner

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