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BRG’s disputes practice is world-leading in the areas that can most significantly impact business. We are dedicated to providing clear perspectives that help clients understand their current situation as well as the road ahead. Our teams are composed of leading international experts in accounting, economics, finance, intellectual property, valuation, statistics and strategic analysis, along with experienced industry specialists in sectors including construction and real estate, mining, energy, power and infrastructure, financial services and healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Together they deliver the highest-quality independent and objective testimony and advice to counsel, corporations, agencies and governments around the world.

For nearly forty years, AlixPartners has helped businesses around the world respond quickly and decisively to their most critical challenges, in circumstances as diverse as high-stakes litigation, urgent investigations, business risk mitigation, performance improvement, accelerated transformation and complex restructuring. These are the moments when everything is on the line: a bet-the-company dispute, a sudden shift in the market, an unexpected performance decline or a fork-in-the-road decision.

It’s both what we do and how we do it that makes a difference. Tackling situations when time is of the essence is part of our DNA – we adopt action-oriented approaches to address our clients’ needs, assembling bespoke teams of functional and industry experts tailored for the specific situation. We provide critical thinking, practical solutions, seasoned judgement, and effective implementation, until the job is done.

Our approach helps our clients confront and overcome truly future-defining challenges. We work alongside you and your advisors, helping you to make the right decisions and take the right actions. And we are right by your side. When it really matters.

Leveraging world-class technology, proven best practices, and expert consulting, Angeion delivers the services and capabilities that drive greater efficiency in settlement administration. Formed by a proven and experienced executive leadership team, Angeion is bringing novel ideas and fresh approaches to legal notice and claims administration.

RBB is a world leading consultancy in the economics of competition law.  We have 200 economists based in 14 offices worldwide including London.  Our experienced team is multinational and multi-lingual; we work on 400 cases per annum and in 120 jurisdictions worldwide.
We have completed competition assignments in cases covering a broad range of industries and in all types of competition settings including private action/litigation, mergers, dominance inquiries, assessment of agreements (horizontal and vertical), information exchange and market investigations. We regularly prepare independent expert reports and a number of our Partners have provided expert witness testimony, including under cross-examination, before courts, arbitration panels and specialist tribunals. 
We have a strong track record of case success and an unparalleled reputation for high-quality advice and submissions.  By combining economic theory and sophisticated empirical techniques we develop arguments that are clear, credible and compelling.  Whatever the assignment, whatever the industry, whatever the jurisdiction, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality analysis and advice.


Blackhawk Network provides payment solutions to a range of industries that need to distribute value.

Specialising in alternative payment mechanisms, across multiple jurisdictions, we have been powering legal settlement and refunds for many of the world’s largest cases. We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge in delivering a physical or digital value to a recipient securely and efficiently without the need for detailed banking data.


Gilardi/KCC are the world’s leading experts in legal settlements and claims administration.  Over our history, we have administered thousands of matters, processed hundreds of millions of claims and distributed nearly 100 billion dollars. We have served as the administrator in both simple matters and the most complex settlements in history and work always to ensure that the principles of due process and the needs of our clients and claimants are served. We are rooted in knowledge, experience and accountability.    

In every instance, we have had only one goal in mind – to earn your trust and become your primary partner.

Shieldpay is the market leader in high-value B2B payments. When there’s any uncertainty in payments, whether high-value, high-risk payments or thousands of transactions every day, we make sure you’re in complete control the whole way through. With streamlined verification checks and the ability to receive funds and quickly and securely process payouts, Shieldpay provides a more secure way to transact for businesses and their clients.

Our digital platform enables you to Verify, Hold and Disburse funds to meet your project particulars.

Shieldpay Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a payment institution and Shieldpay Trustee Services Limited is registered and supervised by HMRC as a Trust Services Provider. We offer a compliant solution in line with SRA and CLC regulations. As part of our operation, we hold banking relationships with recognised financial institutions. Client funds and trust funds are safeguarded with authorised banks which maintain appropriate levels of prudential requirements.

As a global leader in class action administration, Epiq has successfully managed some of history’s most notable class action settlements across the world.
With offices in the U.K., U.S., and Canada, we have the right people and resources in the right place at the right time to handle matters of any size with speed, precision, and accountability.
Our experts have been providing legal notice and claims expertise to jurisdictions across the globe and have a broad appreciation of group litigation practices, especially as it varies among jurisdictions.
Additionally, our settlement notices have appeared in nearly every country in the world and in dozens of languages, receiving wide judicial recognition.
Epiq’s state-of-the-art facilities across the globe allow Epiq to store data securely and in compliance with privacy regulations. 
Whether your litigation is small or large, routine or complex, we provide best-in-class settlement administration services for group litigations in any jurisdiction.


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