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1 Day Conference • In-Person Event
06 Jun 2023
The Competition Collective Actions Forum 2023

Specifically focusing on UK 'Collective' Competition Actions, this unique one day conference brings together the competition litigation community to address recent case developments, bringing & defending class actions, the key question of post Certification case management and more..

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17 Apr 2023
Competition Enforcement – Views From Both Sides of the Channel

At this virtual event, we will bring together the CMA and European Commission to discuss recent developments in the enforcement of competition rules in the European Union and the United Kingdom. We will focus on public enforcement but will also touch on private enforcement and the role competition agencies can play in it.

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28 Apr 2023
Big Tech vs. the Regulators: A panel discussion of recent antitrust battles and pending developments in digital markets

The panel will discuss what is it about the large technology companies that have made them a particular focus of investigations by the European Commission and national competition regulators, and the various types of behaviour by those companies that are recurrent issues those investigations.

The panel will also discuss the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act which, depending on your perspective, either provides welcome legislative certainty in relation to some of these behaviours or is an exercise of legislative power by one of the disputants in order to win the argument.

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12 May 2023
Navigating the Intersection of Sustainability and Competition Law

ESG continues to gain prominence as companies look to comply with reporting requirements and increasingly recognise the positive returns to investment in this area. Led by Grant Thornton, our expert panel will discuss a variety of topical issues around ESG and how the Competition Authorities are developing detailed guidance on the interplay between competition law and sustainability agreements / collaborations among competitors on ESG initiatives.

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Jun 2023
Competition Next Gen

Bringing together up-and-coming practitioners specialising in Competition to forge networks, discuss experiences and share knowledge.

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Past Events

24 Mar 2023
Discussing Recent Competition Collective Action Developments

Ahead of the ‘Competition Collective Actions Forum 2023’ taking place in June, your esteemed Event Advisory Board will be highlighting and providing unique insights into recent developments and topics to watch in this rapidly developing area of competition litigation. Featuring specialists actively engaged in today’s key cases from both claimant and defendant firms, hear first-hand perspectives from the coal face as 6 leading Partners share views, opinions and shed light on key topics that will be majored on at the Forum on the 6th June.

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13 Mar 2023
UK Subsidy Control Act 2022 – Now live but what does it mean in practice?

Our expert panel Professor Suzanne Rab of Serle Court, Nicole Robins of Oxera, and Daniel Schwarz of Clifford Chance discuss the Subsidy Control Act 2022 which came into force on 4 January 2023. This session provides an opportunity for early exploration of the new regulatory framework where questions over interpretation and enforcement are yet to be fully determined.

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03 Mar 2023
Enhancing Efficiency for Class Certification and Evidence Gathering with Large Group Claims

Led by BRG, your expert panel will discuss the use of surveys for large claimant groups in relation to collective actions. The panel will address a variety of topics including the position of surveys and their approach to class certification, how they identify the correct class, their status, and how they can be used to calculate damages. Panellists will also delve into case studies and share their practical experiences in these areas.

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