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LALIVE is an international and independent law firm based in Switzerland, with offices in Geneva, Zurich and London, renowned for its expertise and experience in international legal matters, in particular dispute resolution. We provide comprehensive advice to companies, governments, international organisations and private clients helping them to anticipate, avoid, manage and successfully address potential or existing disputes around the world. Our high-level expertise has earned us recognition as one of the leading dispute resolution firms worldwide.

Omni Bridgeway is a leading global provider of funding and specialised skills for high value litigation, arbitration and enforcement proceedings, and for the work-out and monetisation of single and group claims, judgments, awards and non-performing loans.

Our worldwide client base includes leading law firms, banks, insurers, governments, multilateral institutions, multinationals and smaller companies across all areas of industry, as well as individuals.

PCB LITIGATION is a specialist, conflict-free, dispute resolution practice with a total commitment to effective solutions, widely recognised for punching above its weight. We work across a wide range of fraud, asset recovery and commercial disputes as well as other matters across various industry sectors, including financial, energy and natural resources, telecommunications, and real estate.


Sequor Law derives its name from the Latin word ‘to pursue, to chase, to attain,’ and signifies our core values: the agile, aggressive, and relentless pursuit of assets and success on behalf of our clients.

Sequor Law represents companies and individual clients in the areas of asset recovery, financial fraud, insolvency and financial services litigation.

Campbells is widely recognised for the strength of its highly regarded litigation practice.

We have one of the largest specialist litigation teams, and routinely act in the most significant, high-value and complex disputes in both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. We provide a full suite of litigation and dispute resolution services to a diverse, international client base from our offices in Cayman, the BVI and Hong Kong. We have a wealth of experience spanning a broad range of disputes, with particular expertise in investment fund disputes, trust litigation, asset tracing, shareholder disputes and dissenting shareholder fair value petitions.

BRG’s Global Investigations + Strategic Intelligence (Global.i) practice provides companies, their counsel, and other advisors with the critical information to making well-informed business and legal decisions to compete in these complex operating environments. Our professionals possess a wide range of skills and disciplines and include former federal and state prosecutors, law enforcement officials, intelligence experts, and law firm partners, as well as forensic accountants, computer forensics and technology consultants, data analytics specialists, cybersecurity experts, litigation support professionals, governance and regulatory experts, and industry experts.

Rahman Ravelli always provides a skilled team of lawyers with vast experience of working in substantial, complex, national and international asset recovery cases. Our asset recovery specialists all work at great speed to help shape robust action and enforcement.

We regularly advise on suspected fraudulent activity where assets have been - or are at risk of being - dissipated. Our specialists are devoted to working for large-scale enterprises and companies in the most challenging cases - cases that often involve investigations in a number of countries and dealing with multiple jurisdictions.

Our fraud and insolvency group are experienced commercial litigators with a particular focus on dealing with high value, cross border matters where there is an overlap between fraud and insolvency. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors and industries, as well as our knowledge of global jurisdictions and how to ensure the best possible result for our clients.


In distress situations, particularly when there is concern about misappropriation of assets, we take a trusted but flexible approach to recover assets for victims.

We focus on understanding the unique situation of each case and work with you to devise and implement asset recovery solutions.

The cases we deal with will often have elements of fraud, regulatory breaches or international angles. Our team is focused solely on asset tracing and seamless global recovery for clients. 

Monfrini Bitton Klein focuses on white-collar crime related litigation, from asset recovery to business crime defense and anti-corruption investigations. 

We have decades of experience in high-stakes, complex offshore litigation, such as enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, cross-border insolvency, international judicial assistance, and tracing of assets concealed in Switzerland or abroad for claimants in commercial, matrimonial and probate disputes.

We have highly developed courtroom skills applicable to business crime defense and complex divorces. Our background equips us to pursue complex cross-border proceedings, in particular asset recovery on behalf of foreign states and business entities.

Peters & Peters is a leading commercial litigation and business crime boutique, providing outstanding services to governments, corporations and individual clients in the UK and abroad.

With a long and outstanding history, we strive to remain at the cutting edge of our specialist areas of expertise by pursuing innovative resolutions to legal problems. Our knowledge and experience across the full range of civil, regulatory and criminal issues uniquely positions us to advise clients on multi-faceted and complex crises arising in commercial contexts. We have worked on some of the most high profile, and challenging cases and investigations of recent years.

RCAN places a great emphasis on broad international cooperation by welcoming members from a number of jurisdictions, including the UK, Russia, France, Ukraine, US, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Through its activities in the various established centres of international arbitration, RCAN seeks to complement the work already undertaken in the regions by other professional associations

Raedas is a Band 1 specialists investigations firm that provides support in high stakes international litigation, arbitration, internal investigations and other contentious scenarios.

Raedas regularly acts for the world’s leading law firms in major litigation and arbitration cases, bringing in-depth knowledge and experience of investigative methodologies, legal discovery and disclosure process and enforcement strategy, combining investigative methodology and legal process, public relations and lobbying to advance clients’ interests.

Raedas is frequently required to present expert and factual evidence in court and before tribunals. The firm has experience in both Civil and Common Law procedure.

Our expertise in insolvency, commercial litigation, trusts and banking law means we are a natural choice for civil fraud and asset recovery cases, including breach of fiduciary duties, knowing receipt and dishonest assistance, international asset tracing and restitutionary remedies.

We are experienced in obtaining emergency relief, such as worldwide freezing injunctions and search orders, and advising on interim conservatory measures in other jurisdictions.

Our civil fraud and asset recovery team includes barristers at all levels of experience, which means we can offer a comprehensive service on all manner of fraud issues, from international, multi-counsel cases to discrete advisory work.

We are a recognised fraud team that has significant expertise in pursuing and defending complex and large scale civil fraud actions across multiple jurisdictions, as well as carrying out investigations where you suspect you may have been the victim of wrongdoing.

Working as part of a 150+ strong litigation team based in our offices in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we support a diverse range of clients, extending from multinational businesses to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, on the full spectrum of fraud cases.

The team has a proven track record in carrying out asset tracing, particularly in the context of complex global financial structures and trust arrangements. We can assemble and manage specialised international teams at very short notice, using our established network of foreign advisers, including forensic accounting and IT specialists.

The Arbitration Association 40 is a group for young arbitration practitioners and academics and a part of the Arbitration Association.

The key purpose of Arbitration Association 40 is to promote arbitration among young lawyers and to create more opportunities for professional development of its membership. To achieve this purpose, Arbitration Association 40 implements a number of projects. It organizes seminars to discuss the hottest arbitration-related issues (from legal regime to professional skills), publishes a regular newsletter discussing recent developments and works to give Arbitration Association 40 members opportunities to participate in the most important arbitration-related events and projects in Russia.

Arbitration Association 40 is the continuator of the Moscow Arbitration Forum 40 (MAF40), which was established in 2008 by Francesca Albert, Anton Asoskov and Richard Chlup.

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