Elite Circle

Elite Circle is an exclusive and unique meeting place for more senior practitioners within Private Client

We are currently putting together our founding advisory board for Elite Circle. Stay tuned for further news and contact paul@thoughtleaders4.com for updates. 

How does the Elite Circle work?

Elite Circle

Exclusive invitation only 

  • Strict cap on attendance
  • Handpicked invite only list of attendees
  • Facilitated discussions across 1.5 days of content


Residential interactive format

  • Evening arrival
  • Full day of discussions followed by dinner 
  • Half day followed by Lunch and close of event
  • Ticket cost includes all accomodation and meals 


Innovative roundtable and horseshoe set up

  • 4-5 roundtables running concurrently, 10 people on each table
  • Each with their own topic
  • Moderated by 1-2 people to lead discussion
  • Everyone goes to each topic table throughout the event

Upcoming Elite Circle Events

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21 Apr 2021
Nizam: Nuclear powers face off in High Court over English trust law principles

India and Pakistan locked horns with each other and descendants of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad in Pakistan v NatWest decided by Marcus Smith J in October 2019.  .  When Pakistan initiated new proceedings in 2013, the current Nizam instructed Eason Rajah QC, 10 Old Square, and Paul Hewitt, Withers LLP.  Eason and Paul will set out the historic and political context as well as the trust law principles debated.

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29 Jun 2021
Vive la Difference! Is Family & Trust Law in Jersey more like the French or English?

With Jersey being geographically located between England and France, a panel of experts will explore how family law and trust law work in Jersey. Are they more like the French or the English system?

The panel will also look at finances on divorce, prenups, the law of cohabitation.

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If you are interested in Elite Circle and would like some more information please contact Paul on 020 7101 4155 or email paul@thoughtleaders4.com