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Unlocking Hidden Wealth: The Growing Role of Open-Source Intelligence in High Net Worth Disputes and Divorce

Date: 23/11/2023 Type: Articles Topic: Private Client | Investment and HNWI’s |


High Net Worth (HNW) disputes and divorce cases often involve complex financial, legal, and personal relationships, joint assets across multiple jurisdictions. In such cases, the ability to gather accurate and comprehensive information is crucial. Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) has emerged as a valuable resource in these high-stake situations, uncovering hidden assets, financial irregularities, and pertinent information to facilitate successful client outcomes. In this article, we will explore the value proposition that an OSINT company offers in HNW disputes and divorce proceedings, illuminating how this burgeoning new field of intelligence is having a major impact on the HNW divorce world.

Understanding OSINT

OSINT refers to the collection and analysis of publicly available information from a variety of sources. This information can include data from the internet, social media, public records, news articles, and more. OSINT specialists leverage this information to gather insights, discover patterns, and identify relevant facts to support investigations. In the context of HNW disputes and divorce cases, OSINT can be a game-changer.

Asset Discovery

One of the primary values that an OSINT company provides in HNW disputes and divorce cases is the ability to discover hidden or undisclosed assets. In such scenarios, individuals may attempt to conceal their wealth to minimise their financial obligations. OSINT professionals scour publicly available information (that’s often not available on search engines) to unearth evidence of offshore accounts, shell companies, property holdings, and other assets that may have been intentionally left out of financial disclosures.

Financial Transparency 

Financial transparency is essential in any legal proceeding involving HNW individuals. OSINT companies provide a comprehensive overview of an individual's financial status by analysing publicly available information. This includes tracking changes in income, investments, and business interests. Such transparency is invaluable in ensuring a fair division of assets during divorce proceedings and resolving disputes related to financial matters.

Due Diligence

In HNW disputes and divorce cases, OSINT professionals are well-equipped to conduct thorough investigations into an individual's background, uncovering any potentially damaging information. This can include prior legal issues, business dealings, and personal relationships that may have an impact on the case's outcome.

Reputation Management

HNW individuals often have substantial public profiles. Reputation management is a crucial aspect in divorce and dispute cases, as reputational damage can have significant consequences. OSINT companies safeguard their clients’ image by monitoring and addressing negative online content and social media posts. This can be particularly important in high-profile cases, where public perception often influences the outcome.

Legal Support

OSINT companies often work in tandem with legal professionals, offering valuable support in building strong cases. They provide lawyers with the evidence and information required to make a compelling argument in court. This collaborative approach enhances the overall effectiveness of the legal team, improving the chances of a favourable outcome.

Accelerating Resolutions

Highly contentious divorce and dispute cases can drag on for years, causing emotional strain and financial instability. OSINT accelerates the resolution process by quickly providing the necessary intelligence, allowing parties to reach settlements more efficiently.

Ethical and Legal Compliance

OSINT companies operate within the boundaries of ethical and legal standards. They access only publicly available information and do not engage in activities that violate privacy laws. This ensures that the information obtained is admissible in court and does not jeopardize the integrity of the case.


In HNW disputes and divorce cases, OSINT companies play a pivotal role in uncovering hidden assets, ensuring financial transparency, and expediting the resolution process. By harnessing the power of publicly available information, OSINT specialists provide valuable intelligence to legal professionals and their clients, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the legal team. In an era where law firms are dealing with information overload, the value of OSINT in HNW disputes and divorce to provide critical, case winning intelligence cannot be understated.


Case Study: Unearthing Offshore Wealth - OSINT's Role in a High Net Worth Divorce.

A recent €300m+ divorce case illuminates the power of OSINT to illuminate offshore wealth and assets. John and Mary, a wealthy couple, are going through a contentious divorce. Mary suspects that John has wealth offshore, based on his previous business dealings and comments. In 2021, the specialist OSINT firm NEON CENTURY were retained by a global law firm to a) assess John’s net wealth, and b) evidence the assets and beneficial ownership structures in John’s network of corporate entities and trusts.

The investigation spanned eight international jurisdictions. Through mapping John’s assets and beneficial ownerships, NEON CENTURY discovered over 32 entities, including offshore companies and two newly discovered trusts. The entities were divided into two categories: John’s personal interests, and those affiliated to Alpha One Investments (AOI), an investment firm John founded.

•           Through publicly available data, John’s assets were calculated at more than €145m. These assets included financial securities and properties:

•           John is the beneficial shareholder of a discretionary trust called Bravo Two Trust, incorporated in a British Overseas Territory (BOT). The trust controls a BOT company called Charlie Three Company, which in turn owns the Cyprus-incorporated Delta Four Limited (DFL).

•           John’s €40 million villa in France is owned by a French subsidiary of DFL.

•           John is the beneficial owner of another BOT company called Echo Five Company (EFC), which owns his UK property. Disclosures show that EFC is in a trust structure linked to another trust.

•           AOI’s parent company finances subsidiaries via loan facilities that amount to €132m. The total known assets held by the corporate entities amount to approximately €193m.

In a world where wealth can be concealed through intricate networks of entities and offshore accounts, the value of OSINT becomes unmistakable. The case of John and Mary highlights the power of OSINT in unravelling the complexities of HNW disputes. This information allowed Mary's legal team to present a compelling case in court, demanding a fair distribution of the marital assets. John's net wealth was calculated at over €300 million, a significant revelation that not only strengthened Mary's legal position but also left John with little room to dispute the evidence. As a result, a more equitable settlement was reached, highlighting the crucial role of OSINT in achieving justice and fairness in HNW divorce proceedings.


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