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Unmarried Couples & Schedule 1 Event Materials

Date: 12/05/2020 Type: White Papers Topic: HNW Divorce | Children | Finances | Modern Family |

Please find supporting materials below:

Case study that Laura, Charlotte and James discuss and which needs reading prior to clicking for the webinar.

Summary Calculator spreadsheet with tabs four tabs in order:

  1. The one side of A4 “all you need to know” summary of child support law referenced in James’ section;
  2. Then the cs3 calculator to enable you to identify what award the CMS will make, and showing the methodology and with (in hidden rows) additional data.  It also has columns to show for higher incomes:
    1. What the assessment would be if the cap were raised from £156k to £650kp/a as discussed by Mostyn J in CB v KB [2019] EWFC 78; and
    2. What it would be if there were no cap at all;
  3. Then a procedural map showing the CMS process side by side with the court process; and
  4. Finally a checklist for schedule 1 & cms points for our first meetings with clients.

Model Answer shows James expanding his discussion points from the video into a model answer with additional comments from Michelle Counley of NACSA.

Rubin Table is a table by way of a checklist showing the hurdles in the way of a successful application for a Rubin award (ie a payment to one party by the other for the meeting of legal costs).




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