Disputes Magazine Issue 2 - Our BIG Issue: Investor State, International Commercial Arbitration and Commercial Litigation

Date: 17/09/2021 Type: 60 seconds with Articles Community Magazine Interviews ThoughtLeaders 4 Content Community Partner Topic: Disputes | Shareholder Diputes | Digital Dispute Resolution | Libor | In-House | Crypto | International Arbitration | Litigation Funding | Future of Dispute Resolution |
Author: ThoughtLeaders4 Disputes

Issue 2 of our ThoughtLeaders4 Disputes Magazine is out now and it is BIG! With 21 contributuions and featuring four "60 Seconds with" interviews introducing the diverse range of practitioners behind the Community, this issue, like our Disputes Community, is bigger and bolder that ever. 

We hope that by offering a multi-disciplinary blend of insights on the most pertinent topics ranging from ESG, SPACs to sanctions and sovereign enforcement, this second edition will serve as a helpful compendium of opinions, analyses and commentaries. 

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