ESG Litigation Second Annual Conference 2024


Tuesday 12th of March 2024 - Central London

Elevating Legal Practice: A Comprehensive Approach to Meeting the Imperative of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

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Embark on an Immersive Journey into the World of ESG Litigation at Our Second Annual Conference. Explore Key Insights, Engage with Experts, and Evolve Your Understanding of This Vital Field in Just One Day.

A Peek At What's in Our Deductible Discussion:


ESG in the UK Vs. EU: Where Are We Now?

  • Recent updates in the UK
  • EU Legislation (CRD, CRSD, CDDD Legislation)


ESG in the UK Vs. The Rest of The World: Australia & USA

  • International jurisdictions updates in Australia & USA


The Rise of Environmental Litigation & Green Washing Claims

  • The risks of Greenwashing
  • Greenwashing Regulations
  • Group Claims and current proceedings
  • How do you price environmental damage; can it be attributed to specific entities and if so, how?
  • Consumer Protection on greenwashing
  • environmental misuse through the lens of insurance

Addressing Human Rights & Corporate Transactions

  • Contractual Protections
  • What are we looking for, what is okay & what isn’t?
  • What now, after Client Earth Decision
  • Update on OECD guidelines
  • Whistleblowing

Examining Liabilities Arising from Changes to Supply Chain Practices Across the World

  • Supply chain security & the impact of supply chain practices on the environment
  • CSR & Supply Chain Management
  • Challenges of navigating diverse international regulations
  • Ethical Sourcing

Reputation Management & ESG

  • Exploring how ESG Practices affect a Company’s reputation
  • ESG reporting & Disclosure
  • Identifying key stakeholders & their influence on reputation

Meet The Pioneers Leading The charge in ESG Litigation:

Katrina Walter
Katrina Walter Lawyer (Advocacy and Campaigns)
Dr Philipp F.Hardung
Dr Philipp F.Hardung Counsel
Hausfeld (Germany)
Helen Tung
Helen Tung Barrister
Tung Chambers (Australia)
Tom Davey
Tom Davey Co Founder & Director
Factor Risk Management
Elaina Bailes
Elaina Bailes Partner
Sarah Bishop
Sarah Bishop Of Counsel
Neil Pearson
Neil Pearson Partner, Head of ESG and Social Value
Mills & Reeve
Alice Hawker
Alice Hawker Barrister
Wilber Force
Sybille Raphael
Sybille Raphael Legal Director
Tom Cummins
Tom Cummins Partner

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