TL4 x Bond Solon: From Summons to the Stand: How to Best Prepare Your Witness

In-Person | Thursday 29th June 2023

6:00pm - 9:00pm at Bond Solon Offices

Evening Panel Followed by Drinks 

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Led by Bond Solon, this evening event is not to be missed as our panel dive into navigating the crucial ways litigators can enhance witnesses' performance.

This evening event will explore all the ways litigators can enhance a witness’ performance – from best practice interviewing and cognitive recall to behavioural psychology and common challenges faced by witnesses on the stand.

Chaired by Alex Clements, Director of Witness Familiarisation at Bond Solon, our panel will discuss the practical implications of the introduction of the Practice Direction PD57AC for legal professionals, and to what extent the intention behind this development has been seen in practice. This panel will also explore cognitive interviewing techniques, the most common misconceptions when interviewing witnesses and how behavioural psychology can positively impact a witness’ performance.

The Panellists

Alex Clements
Alex Clements Director
Bond Solon
Jonathan Cary
Jonathan Cary Partner
Leslie Cuthbert
Leslie Cuthbert Legal Specialist Generalist
Tribunal Judge, Solicitor Advocate and Bond Solon Trainer
Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones Behavioural Psychologist
Athena Professional

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