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We at ThoughtLeaders4 are serious about providing opportunities to up-and-coming practitioners specialising in Asset Recovery, Fraud, Insolvency and Enforcement. We strongly believe that the next generation of practitioners should be writing, speaking at and attending events in order to build networks and further their careers.

With this in mind, we are proud to present the 3rd Edition of our Future ThoughtLeaders Essay Competition.

Assessed by an illustriously experienced, senior and broad-ranging panel of practitioners this is your chance to stick your head above the parapet and mark yourself as the one-to-watch. With the opportunity to attend and speak at the FIRE Starters Global Summit: Dublin as well as attend the FIRE International: Vilamoura event in Portugal, we look forward to your submissions and to welcoming you to the FIRE Starters community.  

Essay Title:

Can the FIRE practitioner be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI): Your opinion on how AI could shape the future of law.

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various industries has sparked debates about its potential to reshape traditional professions. One such field is law, where AI's capabilities have raised questions about the role of practitioners in the future.

This essay competition encourages participants to delve into the fascinating relationship between artificial intelligence and the legal field, specifically within the domains of FIRE (fraud, insolvency, asset recovery and enforcement). Participants are encouraged to consider the multifaceted implications of AI integration while envisioning a future legal landscape that embraces technology while upholding the core values of the justice system.

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Illustrious Judging Panel

Jane Colston
Jane Colston Partner
Brown Rudnick
Sue Thackeray
Sue Thackeray Partner
Kingsley Napley
Andy McGregor
Andy McGregor Partner
Enyo Law LLP
Jonathan Tickner
Jonathan Tickner Head of Commercial Litgation & Civil Fraud
Peters & Peters
Leyza Florin Blanco
Leyza Florin Blanco Shareholder
Sequor Law (USA)
Danny Ong
Danny Ong Managing Director
Setia Law (Singapore)
Tom Weisselberg KC
Tom Weisselberg KC Barrister
Blackstone Chambers
Blair Leahy KC
Blair Leahy KC Barrister
Twenty Essex
Addy R. Schmitt
Addy R. Schmitt Managing Partner, Washington, DC Office
Harris St. Laurent & Wechsler (USA)

The Prizes:


  • The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to speak at the FIRE Starters Global Summit taking place in Dublin, on the 21st - 23rd February 2024.
  • The winner of the competition will win a free ticket to FIRE International: Vilamoura taking place in Portugal, on the 15th - 17th of May 2024.

Top 3

All Entrants

  • All entrants will have their essays published in the ‘The Future Thought Leaders Essay Competition’ supplement. This will be published digitally prior to FIRE Starters Global Summit: Dublin 2024, along with a print run at the event.

Who can enter?

Must be a FIRE Starter (2-15 years qualified)

How to submit?

In 3 Easy Steps

Go to our submission form
Fill in the form with your details
Attach your essay as a word document and submit


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